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«Practice is a criteria of truth».

Karl Marx

We have been working on lead generation and developing RESS since 2016.

Every new client tends to ask “What if your solutions are not effective and I will lose my money?”

We opened our own real estate agency in Thailand in 2018, so we could test our ideas in real work.

Results below.

Our 1st year results

$ 1 729 500

Total property sales


Deals scored

$ 194 603

Our commission from salesmen

How do we do it

Our system have several key elements


Our accurately set traffic channels attract the target audience. We make ads creatives in such a way to immediately distinct from the competitors.

We invested about $ 40,000 in hypothesis testing and created ads models for attracting clients from Facebook, Instagram, Yandex.Direct and Google Ads.


Landing pages

Users go right into our lead generation tools from traffic channels. There, the user receives information that he/she is interested in and finds out the USP created by our marketers.

We use several landing pages that collect user contacts or transfer the interaction with them into WhatsApp.

* Links to examples below


We also use QUIZ for lead generation. This is an interactive survey that collects accurate information about the client’s demand and his contacts.

In the process of passing the survey, the user receives information that favorably distinguishes us from competitors. This feature significantly increases the conversion from user to lead.

* Links to examples below


We set up integrations between ads (for example, Facebook lead ads) and messengers (it can be WhatsApp). For instance, when users submit a request in our Facebook ad, they immediately receive a message on WhatsApp with all the necessary information.

Using this method, we are ahead of competitors in the efficiency of client interaction.


Leads from all channels are automatically uploaded into CRM. We store the entire history of interaction, set tasks for managers, monitor the execution of tasks, generate reports and keep statistics there.

The real estate transaction cycle can reach several months - using CRM allows us not to lose any single potential client.

Sales funnel

We make algorithms and scripts to improve the quality and effectiveness of the client interaction, when a lead moves through the sales funnel. We created a series of informative, warming and motivating messages for different leads - new, cold and warm.

The systematic work of the CRM manager helps warm up leads, take them away from competitors and increases the number of transactions.

What we offer you

to get a stable flow of applications


We will do an interview with you to learn about your product and your target audience. Based on this data, we will develop ad creatives.


Traffic setting

We will set ads in channels which will attract your target audience in the most effective way. It is going to be Facebook, Instagram, Google or Yandex, depending on your target audience’s location.

Lead generation

For your business, we will create lead generation tools (landing pages and QUIZ), which will be receiving incoming traffic from ads. They are needed to inform target audience and to gather contacts.


We will integrate lead generation tools with your WhatsApp account – users will get automatically generated messages to WhatsApp accounts right after submitting an application form. 


We will set CRM system and integrate it with traffic channels and landing pages. Client base will be assembled in CRM, tasks for interacting with it will be formed, and the entire history of interaction will be stored.

Sales funnel

We will create a purchase funnel and series of messages, which you will send to leads according to a developed plan. The aim is to provide product information, to tell about your company’s advantages and to build up the confidence level.

Take a look at an example of integration

How any user instantly gets your message


One-time payment at signing up a contract

150.000 THB


✅ creating USP (Unique Selling Point),

✅ development of an individual sales system,

✅ setting up traffic channels,

✅ building a purchase funnel,

✅ 1st month support

Monthly payment for Sales System support

15.000 THB


✅ setting up traffic channels,

✅ updating ads,

✅ updating content on landing pages,

✅ end-to-end analytics,

✅ tech support

Priceless :)

1. You can use all of your free time on working with clients and selling property

2. You actually hire a team of pros for a secretary’s salary:

✅ marketer,

✅ designer,

✅ traffic specialist,

✅ analyst,

✅ web programmer

Our lead generation tools

Main page 

A classical landing page with information about real estate properties and company’s advantages

View details


A compact landing page for gathering users’ contacts with a standard form

View details


Quiz is an interactive survey for uncovering users’ demands and gathering users’ personal information

View details

Why systematic approach is important?

Some says: 'We have already tried some of your tools, but we don't see any difference'.

The answer is simple:

During the development and testing of our sales system, we studied the main problems of 

real estate agencies that lead to the loss of customers, hinder development and increase costs.


There is usually a lack of a systematic approach in working with the target audience and product, and no USP.
Almost no one uses systems of analytics and marketing spending control.

Client interaction

There is a problem of automation and a systematic approach, which leads to the loss of potential customers due to the impossibility of both operational and long-term systemic interaction with them.

Client databases

Companies do not form client databases, and if they do, work on them is not automated and systematic. As a result, customers go to competitors, and advertising budgets are wasted.

We suppose you have tried to solve this?

(But most likely not very successfully)

The main reason is that the entire activity of the company on the Internet is divided between several contractors/freelancers - the first creates sites and landing pages, the second sets up ads, the third makes ads creatives, the fourth writes content, the fifth sets up CRM, and the owners or employees of the companies manage all this.

Why it does not work?

The main problem is that all contractors do not care about the main indicator of your business - SALES

Why we are the best choice for you:


We create automated systems on a turnkey basis for attracting customers from the Internet specifically for real estate agencies and developers.

System on a turnkey basis

We are responsible for each element of RESS and provide technical support, which means we are interested in the effective operation of the system.

We know the market

We are not theorists, we sell real estate using RESS in our agency, we are constantly testing new tools and marketing hypotheses.


Any deal is always a result of conversions - from a visitor of an online resource to a lead, then to an interested potential customer and, as a result, to a buyer.

Our system allows you to increase conversions at each stage, which drastically increases conversions and profits with the same marketing budget!

All investments in RESS pay off after the first scored deal!

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