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52 apartment complexes being built in Phuket - we have chosen the best for you


a 71% profit in 3 years *

Price starting from 

$ 112 000 

The trendiest project in Phuket will be built on Bang Tao beach just 200 meters from the sea. The project’s success will be ensured by its unique design and excellent location. Sales have been launched only two weeks ago. You can choose the best apartments at the best prices!

hotel license

* from commissioning


a 78% profit in 3 years *

Price starting from 

$ 65 000 

A new project from a well-known developer. A condo-style hotel with a resort level infrastructure just 2 minutes from Mai Kao beach. It is the best-performing project in Phuket at the moment. Only several apartments at a special price are available!

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* from commissioning


a 61% profit in 3 years *

Price starting from 

$ 140 000 

A modern maritime style condominium just 100 meters from one of the best Phuket beaches. Kamala Beach is different from others since it accommodates first-line hotels with an excellent beach infrastructure, which will be available to all its clients.

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* from commissioning

Results of our clients

Investment 2017-2018


price at the start of sales 01.09.2017 48 000$

price for today 110 000$

price increase by 129% in 18 months

construction completed


price at the start of sales 01.02.2018 80 000$

price for today 120 000$

price increase by 50% in 12 months

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Comparative analysis

Financial result when investing in real estate with us and another agency

(5-year investment)


Developer’s real estate price

120 000$

Cashback 5%

6 000$

Cost escalation at the construction stage 30%

36 000$

A 5-year guaranteed revenue (8% annually)

48 000$

Finished project cost escalation 15% (3% annually)

18 000$

Commission for selling real estate 0%

- 0$

Financial result

228 000$

ROI (Return on Investment)


Other agency

Developer’s real estate price

120 000$

Cashback 0%


Cost escalation at the construction stage 10%

12 000$

A 5-year guaranteed revenue (8% annually)

48 000$

Finished project cost escalation 15% (3% annually)

18 000$

Commission for selling real estate 10%

- 15 000$

Financial result

183 000$

ROI (Return on Investment)


Recommended projects


a 59% profit in 3 years *

Price starting from 

$ 155 500 

Premium condominium 150 meters from Surin beach. The developer opens a pre-sale of the third new object in Surin. It offers a completely new approach to the development of a common area - the development of the infrastructure of a whole microdistrict

hotel license

* from commissioning


a 62% profit in 3 years *

Price starting from 

$ 79 300 

A new investment project of the hotel type, located on the territory of the famous Lagoon just 5 minutes from Bang Tao beach. Surrounded by 5 star resorts and first-class infrastructure

hotel license

* from commissioning


a 63% profit in 3 years *

Price starting from 

$ 89 500 

Brand new project, originally developed for investment. The developer has done everything possible to make investments in this project the most comfortable, and the benefits of investing in this project bring as much pleasure as possible

hotel license

* from commissioning

Villas for life

Many of our clients are investing in real estate in Phuket and buy more housing for themselves - usually these are villas


3 bedrooms, 290 m2, private pool

1 villa left

398 750$

362 500 $

The project is located 5 minutes drive to Kamala beach and has a fantastic view of the mountains, located in a green ecozone


3 bedrooms, 435 m2, private pool


512 200$

465 625$

Exclusive gated complex of modern loft-style villas in the idyllic woodland in the Bangtao area


3 bedrooms, 180 m2, private pool


380 950$

315 000 $

The concept of a loft with the functionality and convenience of the European lifestyle combined with Asian design. 10 minutes from Bangtao beach

Why we have been loved by customers for 10 years

Know the market

We are more than 10 years in Phuket and during this time studied the residential real estate market and its participants. We know personally the majority of large developers and have all necessary information for the analysis of the market

We invest ourselves

Unlike most agencies in Phuket, we are constantly investing in real estate-we own 68 investment apartments, which we successfully manage


We have been in business for almost 30 years and during this time we have accumulated a lot of experience - we offer our clients only safe and profitable real estate investments for which we are ready to guarantee

Did someone offer you a real estate deal? Don’t rush into in

If you are into a project, do not rush there with an agent - Phuket developers have a rule: who brought the buyer will receive a commission from the developer

This means that we will not be able to offer you more favorable terms, if you visit a project with another agency

We will try to offer you better terms

Ask us anything about a project you are interested in

We and our partners

Igor Romannikov

Sales director

The sales Manager of THAI BUSINESS GROUP. Customer service is our top priority

Sergey Treshchev


General Director of the law firm Lokart International Legal Advisors Phuket. Legal support of our clients in safe hands

Our client is always right!

Working on the result

We help our clients to invest in real estate in Phuket profitably and safely



Designed for system investment in real estate

Your income with FIVE STARS is 18% more!


It is very important to choose a project at the investment stage, which will increase in price - we offer you to invest only in projects with maximum growth potential


Our program tracks the value of your investment and calculates its profitability. It takes into account-the increase in prices during construction, rental income and the increase in the price of the object with the market


It is equally important to exit the investment with the maximum income - based on the calculations of the program, we determine the best time to sell your property


When you leave the investment and instruct us to sell your property, we do not charge you a Commission if you buy with our help the following object for investment-you

save 10% of the cost


When re-investing, we will make you a discount of 3% of the cost of the purchased property by returning the appropriate amount after payment of the purchased object

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Why buy with us


Our priority is your investments’ securing. We offer only the most reliable projects and legal acquisition and proprietorship schemes

Best object

We offer you project that will be profitable

for you in the first place - we offer projects with a maximum investment revenue

Maximum income

We support our clients after the real estate deal - we regularly monitor each investment’s profitability and notify you on your real estate’s price

Get out in time

The success of the investment can be determined only after leaving it and fixing profits. We will offer you the best time to sell the object with maximum profitability

Advantageous condition

cWe will not charge you a Commission for the sale of real estate and will refund you from 3% of the cost when buying your next investment property-an additional benefit will be at least 13%!

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