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Invest in urgent repurchase of resale real estate

You can get up to 50% return, by investing in resale property which owners are willing to sell as soon as possible and ready to give large discount off the market value.

We will find properties with solid investment potential and get the largest discounts possible from owners, who are in urgent need of  money.

Investment model: buy at a discount of 50%, arrange rental income, sell as a turnkey business in 1-2 years

How does it turn out to be 50% per year? It's simple:

✅ The seller gives you a 50% discount on urgent repurchases

✅ We arrange for the property to be rented, and you get the income of up to 10% per year 

✅ We sell the property as a turnkey business at a discount of 10% of the market price in 1-2 years


Buying an apartment

5,000,000 baht 

market price of the apartment

2 500 000 baht 

price with a 50% discount

250 000 baht* 

price of our services that cover selection of real estate properties and securing a discount

Total investment:

2 750 000 baht

* at this stage, our commission is 10%, since you can subsequently decide to keep the apartment for a longer period to receive rental income

Income calculation

After you purchase an apartment, we arrange for it to be rented so that you can receive rental income and resell the property in the future as a turnkey rental business.

300 000 baht 

annual rental income (6% of the market price)

1 750 000 baht 

margin when selling an apartment at a discount of 10% of the market price (4.5 million baht - 2.75 million baht)

Total annual income:

2 050 000 baht

Calculation of investor profit

1 435 000 baht 

investor's share in revenue

(70% from Total annual income)

2 750 000 baht 

investment amount

Return on investment:


When you start the process of selling the apartment one year after purchasing it, the average investment period will be 1.5 years

How to get started

Conclude an agreement

The agreement is concluded for 1 month with automatic renewal unless otherwise is agreed.

In a month after concluding this agreement you can anytime terminate this agreement if we unable to find suitable options for you

Escrow deposit

As a statement of your interest, you need to make a deposit of 1000 USD.

You can choose any 3rd party escrow agent or independent lawyer.

The deposit will be set off against the payment of our commission after purchase deal is done or returned to you under the terms of the contract



We offer the most profitable investments and best purchase terms!

About us

✅ Work on Phuket since 2008 

✅ Active investors - own 18 properties on Phuket

✅ Manage real estate - more than 70 properties under our management

✅ We provide visa and legal support

✅ Assist in starting business and relocation on Phuket (accommodation, education, insurance)

✅  Provide transfer from and to Phuket airport

Consider us as your loyal friends on Phuket!

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